I love the dimension of colour! Add various textures to the medium and a limitless dose of magic is there to explore. This is how my work begins and the following is where I draw my inspiration;

I am Icelandic, born in our capital, Reykjavik. At 22 I moved to England and live, surrounded by gorgeous Hampshire countryside and wonderful friends! However, I often return to the homelands, visit family and of course, harvest the opportunity to fuel my passion!

Imagine the magnificent contrast between the stunning colours of change, serenely and seasonally delivered by my home near Winchester, compared to the awesome drama of Iceland where sweeping, snowcapped mountains take control of the skyline! I have ridden horses on black volcanic sands at sunset, gazed up at the glacier and disappeared inside a world of imagination. I have stared endlessly at the magnificent Seljarlands Foss Waterfall...and I’m always speechless at this natures wonder. I can only capture this in the magic of abstract painting as it brings me such freedom to explore and capture an involving moment.

Creating sculpture paintings where light and texture play, is driven by my past. For example, how can a waterfall be so harsh and loud, thundering over rocks yet create a calm,warm, sensual moment?

I absolutely love painting. Experiences drawn from childhood to today, combined with an "unquenchable" thirst to create, are duly delivered in my work.

Anna Dora